Love vs Happiness

Many are the times I often wonder what I really need in my life. Is it love? Is it happiness? BOTH you might say. But what makes me?
Happiness makes me.

I believe that love is essential for all beings and without it, existence would not make sense.  But I also believe that happiness can survive without love although love cannot without happiness.

Look at it this way. Girl meets boy. They fall in love. They date for years. One day, an argument ensues, and boy hits girl. Boy apologizes and girl forgives. A few weeks later, it happens again. Girl becomes depressed and sad but swears that she loves boy very much. What happens next? She sacrifices her happiness for the sake of love. A love that might lead her to the grave.
Happiness trumps love.

A close friend chose happiness over love. Her husband was a liar, a cheater, and philanderer. She loved him deeply but took years of mistreat and abuse to leave. She was not happy.
Happiness trumps love.

A wife was always unappreciative, disrespectful and totally overbearing to her husband. He walked away. He said he loved her but he was unhappy.
Happiness trumps love.

Don’t get me wrong though, love is great.. all mushy and tingly.
But for me to totally love, to totally live, I need to be happy.

If I feel like eating some chocolate or that oh so yummy black forest cake, then I’ll do so. If I feel like putting on my lazy t-shirt and tights throughout the day, I’ll do so. If I feel I’m at a point in life where things aren’t going right, I’ll change it. Why? So as to achieve a state of happiness only I can…

I am in charge of my own happiness. I let go of people, things, and situations that don’t. I have one life to live. I’ve got to live it the best I can.

So don’t love and not be happy. Don’t
live and not be happy. Take control of your happiness, only that way, you can confidently say you lived and loved.
Choose to be happy.

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