It finally hit home

Riding back home from school in my favorite matatus, ROG, is always refreshing. The music, always entertaining! Gospel hit after hit. What better way to unwind and feel rejuvenated after a long day. So recently, I’m on our way home and the gospel mix playing was just what I needed to pass time in the long traffic jam. 

So I’m singing along, (in my mind), and the song “wanajua, ni kulenga tu” starts playing. Immediately, I wonder, what is this ‘political’ song ‘doing’ kwa mix ya gospel. You see, I have heard the song millions of times but I only sing along/listen to the chorus only. I always thought that the song was directed to our ‘waheshimiwas’ who know they do wrong but choose not to care. Kindly, please, forgive my ignorance!

So you can imagine the SHOCK on me when I actually listened to the lyrics and it dawned on me that they were talking about me! I know, but I choose to ignore.

The lyrics are on point and they hit home… hard!!

As human beings, we know what is right but end up choosing wrong! The song says that we have been taught the right ways, we know good and bad, but due to our worldly ways, we choose the opposite! Knowingly!

At that moment in time, I felt sad, I felt confused and angry with myself. It hit me that the life I live is not in accordance with what is expected of me.

How many times do we lie and cheat (especially wale wa mpango wa kando) knowing it is wrong?

How many times do we do evil things like hate on each other knowing, very well, it is wrong?

How many times do we talk ill and wish harm to others, even our own family, knowing it is wrong?

How many times do we feel jealous of our friends’ progress, knowing it is wrong?

How many times do we steal and rob and even kill, knowing it is wrong?

The lyrics to the song gave me a wakeup call that it was time to change. Time to quit the little undesirable things that I do and focus on what is right. Time to shift my mindset from the destructing things of the world, and look at the bigger picture.

It dawned that it is better to do something and not know its wrong, than to do something wrong, intentionally.

I don’t want to be “wale wa kulenga” anymore. I choose not to be ignorant anymore. I know it’s a long way to be where I am expected to be, but I’ll start slowly and I’ll surely get there. What will I do? I’ll try to be more truthful, more honest (not only with others but with myself too), more accommodative and appreciative of my friends and family. Most importantly, I’ll try reading the Bible more often and actually practicing what it says and also, try to attend mass every Sunday!

Maybe you could start too?

Wanajua by Mwenyehaki and Pitson

Photo credits 

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