I met him 8 years ago at University in a sleepy village in Uganda. He was charming, good looking and had an incredible sense of humor!! I love a man who makes me laugh!!

At first, it was just the usual casual dating thing that happens in school, but later, quicker, it grew to a more serious permanent situation.

He would lure me with his wit and humor and I fell for him, hard!! The texts, full of sweet nothings!! The dates that were full of fun and laughter! The nights out that were filled with song, dance, and a few drinks.

He was the one for me.

Through the years, we have laughed and loved so fiercely. We have fought and won the battles. We have seen our fair share of up’s and down’s but always managed to come out wiser and definitely stronger.

He has seen me through it all. He has stood by me. We have walked this journey of love and life together. Hand in hand. Stride by stride.

I love this man. He is the man of my dreams. Loving, caring, understanding. I appreciate him for who he is and who he has become! An amazing father to our son and a more amazing husband to me.

I hope to grow old with him. I hope to walk with him until my last breath. I hope to see our children grow with him. I hope his love for me never ends.

I pray all our heart’s desires, hopes and dreams all come true. I pray to love him forever.

Love is a beautiful thing. Love is real. Love is true. I know love because I know him.

I love you Dan, and always will!!


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