Of TV shows and emotional distress…

The thing I enjoy the most in this world, okay, apart from sleeping, is watching TV. And no folks, it’s not just “watching TV”, it’s actually breathing, partaking and living for it. It’s investing feelings and emotions with fictional characters and really following up on their lives like your actual life depended on it.

Say, Game of Thrones! (Hehe I can almost hear my friends sighing and grumbling just by me mentioning GAME OF THRONES!) Look here people, you just can’t watch shows for the sake of watching, it’s got to be more than that. It’s got to be an experience. A beautiful, thrilling, breathtaking, heart wrenching, and emotional experience. Did you watch ‘In pursuit of Happyness?’ or ‘Tears of the sun’? Did you cry? Well, that was an experience.

So anyway, I have watched GOT since it started and it’s been a whirlwind of emotional torture and sweet exhilarating moments. I’ve loved every single minute of it. But what the producers of these shows don’t tell you is that this shows will mess with your mind and cause you a lot of emotional distress. Take, for example, the Starks. How can we invest our love and affection for the Starks then kill most of them off like we are just zombies watching TV? How can you kill off Jon Snow, leave us guessing, and mourning, for more than a year then you bring him back to life and we no longer know what to do with ourselves?

Or when we remember Sansa’s journey, Theon’s torture, Khaleesi’s dragons. And the characters, oh the characters…Joffery and Ramsey, the villains that we love to hate, and Cersei too. Daenerys, Khal Drogo, Arya, Theon (poor Theon… but he did die an honorable death). The Hound, Tormund, the Night King… the deaths of Ned,  Hodor, Shireen Baratheon, Rickon, Missandei, that shattered our hearts into smithereens.  I mean, it’s too much.

So why am I so distraught? Because GOT has finally come to an end. It’s a sad bittersweet state to be in. I have literally invested my time on this show and it’s come to an end. What am I supposed to do now? I need therapy. And to add on to my pain, this last season was just bollocks. It was rushed. I know it must have been a tall order for the producers to put finality to the show, but come on; everything was packed into 6 episodes! We literally didn’t have time to process and take in what just happened in one episode before we are thrown into the next where something more terrible happens. Anyway, GOT will make me go mad if I continue thinking about it. Our watch has clearly ended, all hail Bran the Broken. Pure madness!!

I’m sad that most of my favorite shows have come to an end. The Big Bang Theory, 12 years of amazing comedic relief, left me feeling too miserable to even critic it. Finally, Sheldon and Amy win a Nobel, Sheldon gets an awakening and realizes he’s been a terrible friend, Penny is pregnant, and the elevator finally works!! Well, at least no one was killed off and everyone’s story was given a beautiful ending.

I love The Walking dead too. But I get a terrible headache every time I watch an episode. Like almost all my favorite characters in season 1 and 2 dying after learning of their backstories and rooting for their survival.  Or when Glen met his fate through Lucille, or when Rick refuses to kill Negan! I’m yet to finish watching season 9. Maybe I’ll watch it when my life is calm and happy just to spice it up with the tension and heartache that is TWD.

My close friends know of my perpetual, unending love for everything investigative.   I’m an investigative, CI, ID loving kinda babe… everything investigative goes for me. I love the thrill, the wit, and suspense that comes with it. I have literally (and my friend Foi can attest to this), watched all seasons of criminal minds, CSI, NCIS.  I love Hotch, Spencer, Penelope, Gibbs, Horatio Caine. These shows make you feel like you can commit a crime (read murder) and get away with it. Yani, your ego is soo heightened that you start thinking of how you could be a super detective or an excellent serial killer… either way; your confidence is always given a much needed high.

Feel-good movies that pull at your heartstrings and make you feel all mushy and warm inside are also my thing. (I think by now we’ve established that I’m into everything) But we do need that warmth in our lives.  Something to make you believe that there is still some good left in this world. Some love to keep our hearts yearning and some hope for when you feel like things are not in your favor. Remember Forest Gump? Saving Private Ryan? The fault in our Stars? Absolutely amazing!

Friends, How I met your Mother, Modern Family, Superstore, Sex Education, Blackish, all make me belly laugh and leave me thoroughly entertained.

And then there’s the weird, like Black Mirror, Bates Motel (which I loved to death), Wayward Pines, Weird City. Oooh and realities people, The Amazing Race, Master Chef, The Voice, KUWTK… I think I need to let this go because clearly, it will never come to an end. And you might ask, where does she get all this time to watch TV?

Its priorities my friends! Priorities!! Hehe…

Haiya, and just a side note, I’m currently into Formula One. I’m watching Formula One: Drive to survive, thanks to my significant other and his brother, a documentary into the lives and teams of F1. And I bet you’ve already guessed it, I’m now getting excited to watch Hamilton, Daniel Ricciardo, Max Verstappen and the spat between principals Christian Horner and Cyril Abiteboul… maybe I should stop watching TV shows. But at least I’m trying to invest more time and emotions on real-life people rather than fictional characters.

I’m just hopeless! See my life!!


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