Dear Nduta,…


14 years ago today, the cold, icy hands of death snatched your beautiful soul away from us. It was a day I would never forget. I write to you today with a heavy but grateful heart for the awesome years you graced our lives with. You were the most lovely, politest and affectionate human being I ever met.  You oozed class and dignity, were really smart and extremely kind.

At only 33, you had achieved a lot in your life. You had a great job, a blossoming career, and continually strived for greatness.  But you were also strong, really strong if I might say. You overcame a lot of tough and terrible times. Your resilience in the walk of adversity encouraged us to be better human beings. You fought so hard for what was yours and never did you complain nor give up. You played the hand fate dealt you with so much poise and grace that you almost came off as superhuman. Well, I guess you were!

I have fond memories of you.  I remember when the movie Titanic, was released on the big screen and I wasn’t old enough to go watch it. You saw it and when you got home, it was the best time of my life because you told me how it all went down. How the boat vunjikad into two, how people were hanging on for dear life and how sad it was that Jack died. I went to bed with this vivid picture of Titanic and when I finally saw it on VCR, it was just as you had described it, except maybe for the PG stuff that you had ingeniously omitted.  So you promised me that you’d take me with you when the next big movie came out. That’s how you took me to see The Passion of the Christ and all I can remember was how we cried in the movie theatre and inside mat za Dandoo while going back home, like crazy people! Fun times! You always got me stuff that dad refused to get me, you know, the chocolate, the perfume, the nice clothes.

I remember you taking us to Roasters along Thika Road. That place was the back in the day. Still exists to date by the way. The weekends you could take the kids for swimming and horse riding were some of the best memories you left them with. You were just the best!

Mum and dad are doing well. Ugonjwa za wazee tu.  Father’s day and mums birthday all fell on the same day this year, so as you can imagine, it was a great time for everyone. They moved from Nairobi back to Kiambu a few years back and are enjoying retirement life.  Mum has tender memories of you and talks about you with so much love and adoration. She misses you deeply.  Dad still calls me out by your name sometimes; I think there is still a hole in his heart from when you left.  Wambui and Paul still live kule majuu.  Wambui has a beautiful family. She is still the same big sister you left. Always having everyone’s back and always helping all of us without complaining. We still want to be like her when we all grow up. Hehe. Paul is goals for me. He has this really cool printing machine and camera equipment that I want to own when I grow up. He never tires helping us out, is still tall, an introvert and we miss him so much. Kim has a really beautiful family too. He has a lovely wife, very kind and caring and has really been a helping hand for the old folks especially when mum was sick. She almost reminds me of you. Kim is now doing amazing in farming. He has a big greenhouse, still loves cars and still has a great sense of humor. Our baby sister, Maggie, is in her mid-twenties. I still don’t believe it. She is so motivated, so ambitious and aims for the skies. She rarely gives up, loves to travel and just like me, speaks her mind! You’d love the woman she has become! Oh, and I’d take her to a fight coz she’s got your back like that. I too have a family, with 2 beautiful kids and doing really well for myself. The Mbugua family has expanded coz you are now the proud aunt of 6 nieces and nephews. You also have 1 sister and 2 brother’s in-laws who are all amazing! Because of you we all now say ‘I love you’ to one another freely and openly for we do not know the time left with one another.

Your kids are doing amazing. They are all grown.  Peet is now officially taller than me, I’m 5’6. He hugs me and my head rests on his chest. He is studying for his degree in Psychology. He is really smart, loves reggae and watches these weird and complex shows that only smart people understand. Hehe. He is respectful and compassionate and really funny. Just like Kim. They look alike too. Vee looks exactly like you. I see her, I see you. She is a mini-you! She is really beautiful which scares me so much coz team mafisi are always lurking around. (I don’t know how to explain mafisi in a good way) She is also taking her degree in Business Information Technology. She is also smart and very loving. She is courteous and kind and is exactly you. Your kids made us all responsible very early. They have taught us empathy and kindness. They have motivated us to be and do better, and no one ever wants to let them down! You left us with so many questions to answer and big shoes to fill in. We strive our best to make it happen for them and rest easy knowing that we protect and love them with all our might. They are in safe hands and most importantly, they are our lives!

Nduta, the cloud of gloom, the pain and heartache slowly faded away, we now celebrate thanking God for your life and for the beautiful years we spent together. Your presence, your smile, and laughter, your love and energy are greatly missed.

We love you, we miss you, we cherish you and you forever live in our hearts!

Continue resting with the angel’s big sister…



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4 thoughts on “Dear Nduta,…

  1. Such a beautiful tribute, I bet she’s smiling down watching Ya’ll through the holes in the floor of heaven. She was taken too soon I hope that time heals your heartaches


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