My teeth have always been shit for as long as I can remember; thanks to my love-love relationship with the sweet side of life. A love that has been alive and vibrant since I could remember. But it all started when I was a young skinny baby and my pops had mad chums back then.

Since I was the last born at the time, my dad went all out in treating me to all the sweet things he could get. That’s how I ended up with a box of Californian cookies, or sweets or chocolate or the tantalizing and stretchy goody-goody every single day. Like clockwork. To take a break from all that sweetness, he would substitute it with the much-coveted Nyama bite… great were the days.


So as I have grown up, I know the importance of living on the sweet side of life, and most importantly, being sweet to life and those around you too. No need to lead a bitter distasteful life. No need for living a plain and boring life. Make it sweet, positive, adventurous and fun. Follow your dreams, go for what or who you always wanted. Sweeten up your life. Its the only one you’ve got.


Am I fishing for you guys to get me these sweet things, especially with Valentine’s around the corner? YOU BET I AM!! Wink wink.

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