Sinful Love- Part 1

The night certainly didn’t end as Richie had expected, not in jail at least. He had expected to spend the night in the arms of his lover, Lexi. They had made great plans over the weeks. They had yearned for each other and teased each other via text, sending each other naughty messages and lewd pictures that they even moved up their date. The lust that was between them was so intense they didn’t care they were both married to other people. They had met in a fancy hotel at the coast and had a one night stand that hastily led into an illicit and adulterous affair.

Their much-anticipated date was finally here. It was a special one, at least for him. He had fallen for Lexi hard. He couldn’t stop thinking about her. He had told her he loved her and she had said it back. This was the first proper date they were going out on. One that didn’t involve them jumping and tearing off each other’s clothes off. Was he really in love with her? He felt it. He wanted to pursue it.

They had spent the last couple of weeks sneaking out of work and getting home late. They would meet up in some dingy and out-of-the-way lodgings and ravish each other without a care in the world. There was a lot at stake though. They had a lot to lose and were trying to be extra careful of their exciting clandestine affair, and for a moment, he wished he could risk it all. He had toyed with the idea of leaving his wife and pursuing the relationship, but she was also married. Damn it!

As he sat in the cold dirty floor inside the jail cell, reminiscing and lost in thought, a tinge of regret formed in his heart; why did he always do this to his wife? She had taken too much bull from him, she didn’t deserve this. On the other hand, he remembered Lexi’s sumptuous and curvaceous bottom, her breasts were firm and perky; she was yet to be a mother. She was what they called light-skin out in the streets, and knew how to dress and apply makeup that accentuated her features.  She wasn’t really beautiful, but as beauty standards in Nairobi go, she was a yellow-yellow, so she hit the mark!

The guy sitting next to him had dozed off and was slowly sliding towards him. Richie didn’t want to be a cushion for someone who actually fell asleep while sitting on a cold and filthy floor. He assumed it was not his first rodeo. He moved and let him hit the ground, but just as he was settling in his new position, he felt his bum get cold and wet. He had just sat on a patch of liquid that he quickly found out was pee. He jerked up and in a bid to get to the other side of the cell, he stepped on one of his other cellmates who had been staring at him all this while. He tried to apologize but the guy stood up, towering over his thin small body and punched him straight in the nose.

“Unajua hapa ni wapi?” the huge guy asked him

Richie couldn’t answer. He was too shocked to even comprehend what had just happened. He was bleeding a lot, his head was in a daze, and all he could hear was the buzz in his ear.

“Naongea na wewe!” the crazy guy retorted, “ Hapa ni kwangu! Ukiingia unakuja na heshima!”

“Pole boss, sijakukanyaga na ubaya! Pole sana!”, he said pleadingly.

“Nakudai thao!” he looked at him with cold dead eyes. Richie quickly obliged and was shown where to sit, right next to the piss bucket that was half full and didn’t just contain pee.


To be continued…

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