Sinful Love – Part 2

Lexi woke up with a buzzing headache and a freezing body that ached all over. She was lying on what seemed to be a thin makuti mat and a piece of bedsheet draped her legs. Her eyes couldn’t clearly make out the dark room but she could tell that she was in an unfamiliar place. She lifted her head and tried to move but her leg was in terrible pain and she let out a loud cry. She looked down and lifted up the sheet that covered her, her leg was swollen and badly wounded.

She slowly sat up and realized that the room was empty save for the mat she lay on. The only source of light was the small window up on the wall that let in next to zero light. The walls had cracks, were dirty and had weird writings and graffiti. She tried to stand up but the pain was unbearable. She just sat there with tears rolling down her cheeks. She then realized she wasn’t wearing her clothes from yesterday. She had on a green dera she had never seen before. She also had no underpants!

She panicked and started to scream. Where was she? How did she get here? Where was Richie? And where were her clothes? Then immediately, the happenings of yesternight all came flooding back.


She had dressed up to the nines for her special date with Richie. She was unable to contain her excitement as this was an important one. They had said ‘I love you’ to one another and she had meant it. She was conflicted about what to do because her feelings for Richie were growing stronger and stronger. Her husband was out of town for a work thing and it was the perfect time for them to meet up.

Lexi loved her husband because he took good care of her and gave her all the nice things life had to offer. He never pressured her to have kids yet and he let her have fun and go on trips with her girlfriends. And although he was the perfect husband, he was also a workaholic. On the other hand, Richie gave her life and excitement and she enjoyed living life on the edge. He also gave her money, her favorite thing in the world. A few weeks into their affair, she had realized that she had started to catch feelings for him. But she never acted on them as she was still married and didn’t want to lose her providing husband.

When Richie had told her he loved her, she had said it back and thrown caution to the wind. That’s why she was excited to see him when he had asked her out on a proper date; a real date. She started to see that their relationship could actually go somewhere beyond the hot and physical.

She had called a cab that took her to one of the high-end restaurants in Nairobi. She was to meet Richie there. As she walked in, her heart was racing and she started to sweat, what was happening to her? Was this normal? Why was she acting this way? She was in love! She was excited to see Richie and when their eyes locked, her heart swelled and burst into a million exhilarating pieces.

Their date was perfect! Richie wined and dined Lexi and went all out for her. She looked stunning and her eyes had cut through his heart. They had talked about things they never talked about. Their personal lives, their families, their likes and dislikes… They had started to know each other.

They walked out of the restaurant at midnight, hand in hand, feeling much more excited and they never even thought about their usual sexual exploits. They walked to the parking lot and got into Richie’s car and drove toward Nairobi West where he had for once booked a fancier hotel. They sat in silence and enjoyed each other’s company while listening to some R&B on the radio.

The roads were empty, save for the occasional one or two cars that passed by. As they turned the roundabout to get to the hotel, at great speed, two cars came from nowhere and cut them off making Richie hit the emergency breaks. Everything happened so fast and all Lexi could remember was seeing two armed police officers open Richie’s door and when he tried to resist, they slapped him and forcefully dragged him out of the car. Before she knew it, she was being hauled up in the air by two men who wore black and called her by her name. In no minute, she was at gagged, blindfolded and thrown in what she assumed was the boot of a car.


In her dark room, she realized that she was not safe and immediately got herself into a panic. She started wailing and screaming and talking to herself. A few minutes later, she heard footsteps outside the door and keys jingling. The door opened and in walked a man in all black. He looked at her angrily and told her,

“Nyamaza! Unapiga piga nduru hapa unajua uko wapi!?”

She was shocked and tried to get up and run but she couldn’t. The guy walked towards her and kicked her hard across her chest with his large military-like boots;

“Nyinyi ndio mnahangaisha watu hii Nairobi eeh? Utajua leo!!”


To be continued…

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