(Haven’t read parts 1 and 2? Catch them here! SINFUL LOVE- PART 1 and SINFUL LOVE- PART2)

Richie was a manager at Jikuze Brokerage Firm, a big financial institution that mainly dealt with stock trading. He had climbed up the ranks quickly due to his sharp mind and skillful methods. He started as a salesperson then went on to become a junior executive at the firm. He later became a junior manager and after a while, he became the big boss. Other than that, he became the most sort-after analytic broker in Nairobi.

On the other hand, Lexi ran a fancy boutique in uptown Nairobi. Her husband, Greg, had set it up for her because he wanted her to be self-sufficient and have something to do. She employed well-skilled staff who helped with the day to day running of the business. She did not go to the store often and relied heavily on her manager. Whenever they got a huge profit she would treat herself to expensive bags or shoes or take a mini trip to the coast for a job well done!

It was during one of her trips at the coast that she met Richie who was there for a work retreat. They were staying in the same hotel and had met at the bar and started a conversation. They spent the night chatting and laughing and ended up in Richie’s room. Richie left the following day and Lexi could not stop thinking about him. They had exchanged numbers and as soon as Richie got back to Nairobi, he initiated contact, and there started their affair.

Lexi was excited about this new life. On their planned dates, she would make an excuse that she was going to the store. Her husband was encouraged that she was now getting into the business side of life. But she never spent her days there, she would show up at the store for ten minutes, just for a technical appearance to cover her tracks then disappear the rest of the day. She would meet up with Richie and all they could do was go out for food and drinks and end up in low-end hotels and lodgings.

Their relationship was purely physical. They were both enthralled and got twisted in the affair. Richie was so caught up that he at times missed meetings with important clients. He would at times call in sick and drive Lexi to Naivasha for some good time. What he hadn’t realized is that his wife, Esther, had noticed something was up and done some digging. She had found out that he was cheating on her, yet again.

Esther had stood by Richie more times than she could remember. She was there when he got fired from his previous job and couldn’t support his family. She stood by him when he got into an accident from one of his escapades and nursed him back to health. She even shielded him from her family who didn’t care for him and thought he was not worthy of her. Esther had forgiven Richie several times when he had cheated on her. He always cried and asked for forgiveness and seemed to change his ways but after a while, he would be back at it.

Richie had started to have feelings for Lexi. She was fun, carefree, and was always down for whatever. She made him feel young and manly again. He hadn’t felt this way in a while. Lexi was also feeling the same but was set on hiding her feelings because she didn’t want to mess up her marriage with Greg who was an excellent provider. But those feelings were growing each waking moment and she became fully captivated with Richie. Her husband had noticed some changes too but never had the time to look into things.


Richie was now in jail for 3 days and Lexi was being held in an unknown location. Why were they there? Was someone out to get them? Richie was worried about Lexi. Was she arrested too? But he worried more about his wife, Esther. How was he going to tell her that he was in jail? She must be worried, he thought.  He had to call her.

During their one hour break in the yard, Richie started to talk to his fellow inmates. He needed a phone quickly. Everyone motioned him to Oti, the same guy who had knocked the living daylights out of him. He freaked out realizing that no one else would help him. He was scared that he might rub Oti the wrong way and get punched again. But he had to call his wife who might be frantically looking for him. He took in a deep breath and started heading towards Oti. He could feel everyone’s eyes on him. His heart was beating so fast. He’s never been more scared in his life.

Oti looked at Richie as he was walking towards him and put on a sly grin.

“Naona umerudia kichapo ingine?” Oti shouted as those around him burst out in laughter.

Richie contemplated abandoning his plan but the thought of his wife and kids worried about him couldn’t let him. He moved closer to him and leaned in;

“Tunaweza ongea?” Richie asked in a frightened voice

“Bonga!!” Oti replied in a loud voice

“Naomba simu nipigie mama watoto. Hajui niko hapa!” Richie said in a calmer voice

Oti burst out in laughter and started making fun of him saying that he must be really pussy-whipped if his wife is the only one he could call. Richie could not show any anger and just laughed along. He badly needed the phone.

“Simu iko. Ni 200 bob for one minute!” Oti said matter-of-factly

“Sina pesa sahii. Lakini naeza…” Richie started to say before he was rudely interrupted.

“Food yako yote ya 2 days basi. Yote!!” Oti said.

Richie contemplated the deal. He could surely do without food for two days. Not that the food was good anyway. He quickly took the deal. Oti smiled and led him towards the officer’s break room and for a moment he thought Oti was going to snitch on him. But no, Oti was the real OG. He would never.

Oti gestured to one of the officers who told him to meet behind the toilets. They met and the officer gave Richie his phone. He dialed his wife’s number and walked a few paces away so that he could have a private conversation. His wife picked up on the third ring;

“Hello?” Esther said.

Richie’s heart was beating so fast but at the same time, glad to hear her voice.

“Babe, it’s me!” He said.

His wife let out a loud wail and a sigh of relief and asked him where he was because she was worried sick.

“I’m at Mlolongo.  I’ve been arrested. Please get some cash from the safe and come get me.” He said hoping that she wouldn’t ask a lot of questions.

“Why did they arrest you?” she asked innocently

“I was out with the boys and the cops just picked us up for no reason!” he lied

“Which boys? I called everyone and no one knew where you were?” She said in a concerning tone.

“One of the boys from work. Look, just come get me and I’ll explain everything! I love you babe, and I need your help” he said trying to divert the conversation

“Ok babe! I’m on my way!” she said.

Esther hung up the phone knowing too well that Richie was trying to cover up something.

Richie asked the officer, who was deep in conversation with Oti if he could make another call and he told him to go ahead. He dialed Lexis number. It didn’t go through. He called again but it still didn’t go through. He panicked and wondered where she was. Was she safe? What had happened to her?

He walked towards the officer and handed him the phone telling him he was unable to reach the person he had just called and if in case they called back, to tell him Richie was looking for them and that he was ok. The officer smirked and looked at Oti,

“Aaaah.. !! Ulikua unapigia ule mlikua naye. Sahau na huyo?”  and started walking away laughing

Richie was taken aback. How did the officer know who he had just called? He knew something. He tried to ask the officer what was going on but he immediately became angry and commanded him to go back to the yard. He tried to plead with the officer but Oti quickly hit him on his back, grabbed him, and dragged him towards the yard. He shouted to the officer to please tell him what was going on, the officer turned and told him

“Wewe ni mjinga! Sahau na huyo dame!!”


To be continued…


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