Lexi had always wanted the good life. She came from a humble background but that never deterred her from getting what she wanted. She was never too keen on any kind of work; school or career. But she had her ways on how to handle men; with charm and admiration. She always bagged the most handsome guys in school. She was always confident that she could get any man she wanted. She never cared if a guy was in a relationship. Everyone was fair game.

So it was no surprise that she had ended up with Greg, her rich but workaholic husband. They had met at Concours d’Elegance when she was 25 and they hit it off. Greg wasn’t too keen on a relationship but Lexi already had her eyes set. So she came up with a game plan where she relentlessly pursued him and he was impressed by her insistence. They started dating and as time went by, they realized they were great for each other. Lexi was loud, happy, and carefree while Greg was quiet, reserved, and worked hard. She was the yin to his yang.

When they got married, they were not ready to have children yet as Lexi still wanted to ‘have fun’ while Greg wanted to achieve a more comfortable life than the one they had. They gave themselves a couple of years to do their thing. But while Greg was working late, she was having too much fan as a result of boredom. So Greg decided to empower her by funding her dream business. The business grounded Lexi who now seemed focused and determined. He was proud of her as she was now fully immersed and settling well in business.


It was now 6 days since Lexi was brought in the dark room. It was still cold and dirty but they had changed her makuti mat with a thin mattress. So she figured she was gonna be there for a while. Her stomach was rumbling because she only ate a small amount of food and drank a small bottle of water twice a day. Her leg was now healing thanks to the big guy in black who brought her meds and bandages to change every day. She had tried to befriend him but his face was hard as stone, ever angry and talked very little. She still didn’t know where she was and why she was there.

All the while, she had tried to figure out why she was there. Was it because of her affair with Richie? Had her husband found out? Was he looking for her? She was going crazy trying to figure out why they had chosen her.

She started reminiscing on her life. How she had a pretty decent life, how many women envied her, how she had a great husband who never failed to provide for her. She thought how things must have been at a standstill since her disappearance. She broke down and cried. She cried so loudly that she got hysterical and started banging on the door shouting and screaming. She was screaming hard that they could no longer ignore her.

She heard footsteps and keys jingling and quickly stepped back and rushed to the end of the room. She was determined to find out what was going on. The big guy in black angrily walked in and gave her a deathly stare. She was ready to endure any pain inflicted on her but she still wanted answers.

“I don’t care if you hit or mistreat me!! Just tell me why I am here!!” she shouted at him all the while fearing for her life.

The big guy in black just stared at her.

“I’m talking to you!! Where I’m I? At least have the decency to tell me why I am here before you kill me!” she shouted

He continued to stare.

She looked at him and began to scream so loud that he jerked and walked towards her. She went silent and put her hands up as if to surrender. She looked at him pleadingly. She was ready for him to hit her. He didn’t.

They were now face to face and he could literally hear her heart beating in terror.

“Please!” she said dejectedly. She just wanted to know.

He took in a deep breath to calm himself down.

“Madam! Mii sina ubaya na wewe. Lakini wacha hio kelele.” he said tiredly

“Please, sir! Niko wapi?” she pleaded with folded hands

“Hapa huezi patikana!” he said with a smirk on his face.

“Kwanini niko hapa?” she asked when she realized he wasn’t going to tell her where she was.

“Uko hapa kwa sababu ya wale ulikosea!” he said in a low, deep, and meticulous voice that it sent shivers down her spine.

His eyes cut through hers and she was genuinely scared that he would hurt her. He was clearly irritated and didn’t want to be there. She shook her head and tried to ask who he was talking about but her voice let her down. He walked away and as he was closing the door, he warned her that if she tried that again, no one would ever hear from her again.

Two days later, while she lay on her thin mattress scared and psychologically distraught, the big guy in black opened the door and threw her some clothes and asked her to get dressed. She wanted to ask what was going on but he left quickly without paying her any mind. Twenty minutes later, they brought in some tea that she was to take immediately. She was suspicious but had no option but to take it since the big guy stood over her. Ten minutes after taking her tea, she got loopy and dizzy and passed out.

When she woke up, she was on a bed, sweating. She got up, looked around, and saw that she was in a small but tidy room. The room had a small bed, table, chair, and wardrobe. There was a door that led to a small bathroom and toilet while the other door was locked. She noticed the weather; it was extremely warm and humid. She looked outside the grilled window and was in utter disbelief to see the ocean.

Before she could swallow her shock, the door flung open and a beautiful well-dressed older lady walked in. Behind her was a guy who was big, tall and buff and wore a vest, shorts and dark sunglasses. They locked the door and asked her to sit down. Her heart was racing and her mind was on overdrive wondering what was going on. She was so overwhelmed with emotion she couldn’t fathom what was about to happen. But she knew it would be a lot.

“Hello Lexi?” the beautiful woman asked in a calm sweet voice

“Hi” she answered in a trembling voice

“Karibu Malindi!” said the beautiful woman who went ahead to offer her painkillers and water to drink.

She took the painkillers as her head was actually pounding. The beautiful woman, who identified herself as Amina, told her that the meds would help with the headache she was probably having due to the sedative they had given her before being moved.

“Thank you”. Lexi said as she swallowed the painkillers. “Why I’m I here?” she asked feeling confused

“Open the wardrobe dear,” Amina said in her cool voice

She opened the wardrobe doors hesitantly and inside were clothes, belts, shoes, and towels. But on further inspection, she saw that the clothes were skimpy and revealing. There were also bikinis and sexy lingerie. The shoes were all high healed and elegant and there was jewelry to go with. At the top shelf, she noticed a bag of makeup and what looked like KY jelly. Her heart started beating fast. Too fast that she thought she would pass out. What was going on? Amina walked towards her and led her to the bed where they both sat down.

“My dear, you are here to work. The sooner you cooperate, the easier the transition will be. If you resist, there are grave consequences.” She said nonchalantly

“What do you mean work?” she asked as her voice cracked

“My dear, ukikubali basi utakua sawa. Usijaribu kutoroka, hutaweza. Fanya kazi yako nami nitakupa maisha mazuri. Sahau familia na marafiki. Kwanzia leo, sisi hapa ndio familia!” Amina said, still in a calm and composed voice.

She stood and offered Lexi her hand. Lexi was scared but the guy motioned her to. Afraid, she took her hand and they walked outside into the hallway. They were in a big mansion which was beautifully decorated. Amina led her down the stairs while the big guy walked behind them. She could hear the voices of women and men laughing and talking behind closed doors as they walked past. She glanced into one of the rooms and saw a woman in leather lingerie caressing an older gentleman.

They ascended another flight of stairs and entered a huge room where around 15 beautiful girls in sexy attire were eating.  The room went silent when they saw Amina walk in and many avoided eye contact. She introduced Lexi to the girls and called out to one of the girls, Rehema, to come show Lexi around. Rehema respectfully said hi to Amina and took Lexi’s hand and led her to a table. Amina left with the huge buff guy following her.

As they sat, Lexi noticed that the windows were all boarded in. She also noticed that at every entrance of the huge room, there stood a guard in dark sunglasses. She was shaking and tears were now welling up in her eyes. Where was she? Rehema offered some food which she refused and told her not to worry. She then started explaining to Rehema what they do and categorically warned her about trying to run away. It would not end well if she tried.

After Rehema finished talking, Lexi was left in a daze! She wanted to run! She wanted to scream! She wanted to wake up from what seemed like a dream! She couldn’t! She was warned against it! She was to always look happy and ready to serve.

Lexi had just found out that she was now a call girl and was expected to perform some unimaginable sexual tasks. She was in a high-end escort agency where she couldn’t leave and Amina was her pimp!

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