My pick for the best comedy shows!

Laughter is the best medicine. True by the way! Did you know that laughter boosts your immune system, boosts your moods, decreases pain, and protects you from the damaging effects of stress? Nothing works faster to bring your body and mind back to balance than a good laugh.

What better way to get your daily dose of smile, happy and laughter than a good TV show! These shows are funny, witty, and educational. The episodes are usually short enough to give a good mood boost and engage you for the next one. Kudos to comedy show writers, runners, and actors for always making us laugh and forget our troubles for a while; it’s hard to make people laugh, but they do, they change the way we think and feel.

I am big on shows rather than movies so here’s a list of my favorite shows that I recommend especially during this Covid-19 times;

Modern Family



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As the name suggests, Modern Family follows the lives of Jay and his family who live a modern lifestyle. Jay, the patriarch, is in his second marriage with a much younger and hot wife who has a son from a previous marriage, and together, they have a son of their own. Jay’s son from his first marriage is gay and married and they adopt a child while Jay’s daughter, also from his first marriage, is in a nuclear family with a husband and 3 children.

The show revolves around the normal day to day challenges and things all of us go through in our families and personal lives. It is funny and relatable and has bagged a few awards over the years. The show ended after 11 seasons this year April and is currently on Netflix who have 9 of the seasons showing.

All the characters were amazing but Phil, Gloria, and Cameron were my favorites.

How I met your mother

This show ruled our TV screens some years back and it was funny with a great mix of characters. It revolved around a group of friends who go through life together. Set in the future, it focuses on Ted, who throughout the show tells his kids the story of how he met their mother. The show was popular and ran for 9 cool seasons. It also bagged some awards along its run.

My favorite character was definitely Barney Stinson who lived a lavish, playboy lifestyle.

Single parents

Currently two seasons in, Single Parents is funny and ranks as one of my most favorite. It revolves around the lives of 4 parents whose kids attend the same class as they try to do life as single parents. They also have a clueless friend who is struggling to raise his baby by himself after his girlfriend left him with the child.

The show focuses on the struggles of raising a child on your own and the importance of having a support system around you. It shows that despite one’s financial status, raising a child by oneself is still challenging. The show is very relatable and the cast is likable.

My favorite characters are Douglas, an older guy who’s young and stripper wife died and left him with two identical twin girls and often puts them to work. I also like Rory who is into fashion.

The Big Bang Theory

I absolutely loved the big bang theory for its wit and characters and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the 12 seasons it aired. It revolved around 4 smart but socially awkward friends who are neighbors in an apartment complex.  They are all into science as 2 are physicists, and share their apartment with an aspiring actress. The others are an aerospace engineer and an astrophysicist.

The show highlighted that it was cool to be smart and had a keen and clever theme all around. It has bagged several awards and at one point, the main cast was among the most highly paid actors in the world each making a cool million dollars per episode.

My favorite characters were Sheldon and Penny. Sheldon is really smart and started college at the age of 11 because of his eidetic memory. He believes he is smarter than anyone and is not too good at social interactions.

Young Sheldon

This is a spin-off of The Big Bang Theory and focuses on the life of Sheldon from the Big Bang as a young boy. The show was that good. Its set up is in the ’80s and is a treat to watch. We learn where Sheldon’s overbearing character stemmed from.

The show is funny and you’ll enjoy it if you watched the Big Bang. Sheldon, of course, is my favorite character.



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Now on season 6, Blackish focuses on an upper-middle-class black family. It follows Andre and his wife Bow together with their parents and children and showcases their lives and struggles as successful black people in today’s world.

The show is funny, current and focuses on topics like race, gender, politics, and socio-economic issues. There are two spin-offs from the show, Grownish, which stars Andre’s and Bow’s daughter in her life in college and Mixedish, which shows Bow’s life as a child from a mixed-race family.

My favorite characters are Bow, Dianne, Junior, and Charlie.


If you are in the need for weird and extremely funny characters, then this is the show for you. It revolves around a group of workers at Cloud 9, a supermarket, and highlights their work relationships and also personal lives. The show just concluded its 5th season.

My favorite characters are Jonah, who is level headed, Dina, the no-nonsense assistant manager, and Glenn, the store’s manager who is always happy and positive but sometimes naïve and clueless.

Two and a half men

The show was great during its time too and is still one of my favorites. It revolves around the lives of two brothers and their families. Charlie is rich and a womanizer while Alan is struggling after his wife divorces him. He then moves in with his son Jake, to Charlie’s house where they struggle to strike a balance because of their different lifestyles.

My favorite characters were Charlie and Bertha, the housecleaner who is sharp-tongued and not happy about the new changes.

Dead to me

This is a black comedy-drama show but was a delight to watch. It revolves around 2 women who bond and become close after they meet each other in grief therapy. The show has a plot twist and things become interesting as it goes by. Its second season just started airing.

Both Judy and Jen give awesome performances.

Brooklyn Nine Nine

The show is a police procedural comedy and revolves around a team of detectives at work in New York. Jake, a carefree detective and his team who are diverse and have different characters are led by a serious no-nonsense captain. The team always manages to give a good laugh.

The show is in its 7th season. Terry, Jake, and Charles are my sure favorites.

The Righteous Gemstones


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I found this show pretty funny as it highlighted the hidden lifestyles of church pastors and reverends. The show revolves around the Gemstones who are televangelists and live wealthy and flashy lifestyles from the tithing gotten from their congregation and are keen on expanding their vast network of churches.

The show gives a sober insight into the lives of powerful men and women of God who might not be living a straight life. My favorite character was definitely Kelvin.

Some shows that are also funny and worth a mention also include;

  • Veep; which follows the life of a female vice president who struggles to balance her personal and political career. The show has also bagged a few awards and concluded in season 7.
  • The Good Place; a fantasy comedy that concluded in season four which focuses on the afterlife and tackles issues on ethics and doing good.
  • Schitt’s Creek; which follows the lives of a wealthy family who lose all their wealth and are forced to live in two motel rooms in a small town. The show ran for 6 seasons.
  • Avenue 5; which is a science fiction comedy that is set in the future where a space ship coming from a cruise, malfunctions and they now struggle to get back to earth. The show is still in its first season.
  • The unicorn; which showcases a widower trying to raise his teenage daughters with the help of his friends. He tries to get back into the dating game and soon realizes he is a ‘hot commodity’ because of his widower and devoted father status. The show just concluded its first season.
  • Upload; also a science fiction comedy, is set in the future and shows how humans can come back in a virtual afterlife and interact with those still alive in the normal world by uploading themselves virtually. The first season just started airing.
  • Shrill; this show highlights the struggles of an overweight woman who tries to juggle work, family, and relationships while still being judged and treated differently due to her size. The show is in its second season.
  • Sex education; which follows the lives of a confused and self-doubting teenager and his sex therapist mother who is confident and overly open. The show is funny and insightful and focuses on issues of sex, gender, and fitting in society. It is currently two seasons in.

Some of my great oldies that I wouldn’t mind watching over and over again include; Friends, Sanford and Son, The Bernie mac show, Scrubs and The fresh prince of Belair.


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Go on, catch a good laugh, and add some more years to your life! Cheers!


Feel free to recommend your best comedy shows.


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