Jump on the Midnight Train!

Kenya: Mtawezana?

Sauti Sol: Hold my beer. 😁😁

Sauti Sol have just wiped the floor with our asses and reminded us who they are. Kings!! We have just been schooled and I can confidently say that they have, yet again, set the bar higher. They have come out bigger and better. I mean, how high can these peeps get! I have a feeling that we are yet to see!

I have been listening to ‘Midnight Train’ since morning and incredible is an understatement.  It gives out a cool, mature and conscious vibe. It’s taken me back to their earlier albums where it was all about the lyrics and the message. This album resonates well with everyone. It’s definitely for all ages and genders. Very well thought out and the execution is top notch. I believe these songs are not only hits, but will go down as classics. Midnight train is forever!!

Staying true to myself, I have hit repeat on this album for like the 10th time and I can guarantee you it was worth it. The songs have different vibes and styles but all cohesively shout, ‘Sauti Sol’. Truly amazing! Here’s my review for each song;

  • Intro

An absolutely feel good intro to get you pumped up and get you into the vibe. The vocals and melody are great and the message rings true to all of us. The song tells us to do what makes us happy and not mind what people say. We all need this kinda motivation especially when we feel we need the validation of others. Do what makes you happy, coz they’ll still judge either way. Perfect way to start of the album but I’m wishing this was a full song. I love it. “Raha usijiniyme… everybody’s watching anyway… share your light, share your fire”

 I am for sure, making this my ringtone.

  • Midnight Train

Starts off with the moving sounds of a train and the guitar and percussion are immediately engaging.  The lyrics and rhythm are easy and catchy and relatable. The songs talks about life and how things change. It shows how they have come from far and they still continue to head to greatness, steadily. Also encourages the listener to continue pushing on. It’s a definite head bumper and gets you into the mood… “Steady rocking on the midnight train to Zion” I love it!

  • Insecure

This really got me right in my feels when it dropped. Talks about the insecurities we struggle with in our daily lives. It definitely awakened our terrible insecurities. From our bodies, personalities, relationships etc. The song has a great rhythm and vibe and the video is engaging with understandable and relatable lyrics. “Naenda swimo na t-sho… Your body is a movie.. i’m insecure…”

  • Feel My Love

Chimano’s captivating voice, full of emotion, kicks off this awesome love song. The song is a slow love ballad which talks about the love shared between two people despite their ups and downs; the fights, the break ups and how they feel for one another regardless. It’s a great love song, especially for those struggling with love and relationships; a song to cement the love of two. “And even though we fight all night and day… I know you’ll come back to me… you know that i’ll come back to you, and that’s when you’ll start to feel my love” You can feel the emotions in their voices. Truly beautiful! (Surely, hata wewe ukidedicatiwa hii, sii utarudi tu box?)

  • Brighter Days ft. Soweto Gospel Choir

Totally uplifting especially during times like these where we are faced with worry and uncertainty. It will do a number on you especially if you are going through a rough time in your life. The choir brings the message home and gives off that church vibe where it’s all things inspiring and optimistic; a head bumper that reeks of good vibes and positivity. “Ain’t no question that tomorrow there’ll be good times… I believe with every beat of my heart”

  • Nenda Lote

This is my absolute favorite song in the whole album. It is beautifully written and the slow tunes are perfect for a break up song. You feel the hurt and pain the guy is going through after his wife left and signed for divorce. It gives off that old school Sauti Sol vibe. The instrumentals and background vocals are beautiful. Don’t wanna say much, just listen to it. “Nilikuenzi vinoma noma… yashamwagika hayazoleki, nenda lote”

  • Sauti Sol — Suzanna

A definite hit and the first single dropped from the album. They style, the flair, the 70’s theme and color in the video is amazing. It talks about a woman who has left home in pursuit of the high life; bigger bum bums, longer hair, different skin tones. It encourages girls to stop chasing the vain life and realize that somebody loves them the way they are.  In my opinion, Chimano brings the song to life with his voice and moves. We all love this song! A sure club banger!

  • Set Me Free  (Interlude)

The interlude for the album, this song gives off a twist (the dance) kinda vibe. The finger snapping is great and a great break for the album. It talks about the things we did in our earlier years as young people. “Kuvuta bangi… kuzaana… kukopa pesa upeleke slay queen date then ukatoanishwa bila kuonjeshwa…” the song is celebrating youth and is reminiscent of the good old times of young people trying to do life.

  • My Everything ft. India Arie

This song is very refreshing and features the beautiful American singer India Arie. How cool is this? It talks about how we are all worthy to be treated like stars and kings in our relationships.  Bien starts off with amazing vocals then India enters with her sultry voice and takes the song to another level. The song is a beautiful melody on how we all deserve to be treated in relationships.

  • Wake Up ft. Mortimer

Featuring Mortimer from Jamaica, the song is another head bumper. It is a feel-good song and the lyrics are easy and catchy.  “…are you willing, are you ready… “  the song is upbeat and gets you into the groove. I predict it might soon be a club banger.

  • Sober

The opening tune and instrumentals are in true Sauti Sol fashion. This is a sad song that highlights the real life struggles of many people; alcoholism. The song talks about a guy trying to get sober and what he plans to do when he does. He talks about his struggles with alcoholism; he apologizes to his mother that he turned out like his father. He thinks of his daughter and her mother, his friends who deserves better. The “na misiri sirudi kamwe” part hits me right in my feels. It’s a sad song and resonates to the effects and struggles of alcoholism.

  • Sauti Sol — Disco Matanga (Yambakhana) ft. Black Motion & Sho Madjozi

Ayeeeeee…. I mean, do I even need to tell you how cool this song is. The queen, Sho, kills it as usual with her style and flair. Sauti sol stay true to their luhya vibes… very electrifying, fast paced, and you can’t help but bump your head and get dancing to this song. A great fusion of south meets east! “Disco matanga disco ma… huezi nikosaa…”

This is a definite head bumper, club banger.

  • Rhumba Japani ft. Kaskazini, Bensoul, Xenia, Nviiri, Okello Max, NHP

And last but definitely not least, Rhumba Japani; an amazing collabo with Sol generation and other great musicians and pays homage to the Congolese band ‘Rumba Japan’. The lyrics, the beats, the vocals, the rhythm; electrifying is an understatement, a true rhumba number!  The lyrics are well thought out and thought provoking.  “Kuna rhumba for all you niggas lakini rhumba japani ndio rhumba… Hapa ni wapi.. kuna mapedi, mapoko pia mapinji…” Eishh.. I say! I absolutely love this song and I pray a video is released soon.

Peeps, need I say more! Is this album the best or the best?

Verdict; cool, electrifying, feel-good vibes, totally relatable and top notch execution! They are back home!

Cheers and happy listening.

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