What’s in my bag?

Dear men, ever had a peek into a woman’s bag? What did you see? I bet you saw things and wondered what they were or what they were doing there?

I remember mom would go for fellowship and when she came back home, she would have a Bible, a handkerchief, keys, half a cabbage or some other groceries, her phone, sweets esp tropical, and a whole other collection of weird things. And it was totally fine.

Recently my nephew looked into my bag and wondered why I had a whole lot of ‘junk’ in my bag. And as I looked at him wondering where the junk was, I saw that he was really amazed at how many things I carried with me at a go.

“Hizi vitu zote ni za nini Judy?” He asked innocently.

Hehe… I laughed and explained how each and every single thing was useful and used on a daily basis. He was amazed! So I thought to share what is normally in my bag and see if its over the top. To dudes, it might be, to gals, I can bet they have the exact same things as I do!

I’m currently crushing on my big red Orsay bag so that’s what I carry lately. Here’s what’s in it…

  • Laptop – I carry my laptop almost everywhere I go. Mostly for work.
  • Phone – I mean, this is obvious. But I am not too keen on it such that if I were to forget it at home, I wouldn’t panic and would just go on about my day without it. I’m lying, I would neeever forget my phone.
  • Chargers – Since I always have my phone and laptop with me, I most certainly need their chargers.
  • Power bank – Sometimes I maybe somewhere without a power outlet and my power bank comes in handy.
  • My spectacle case – I cannot, for the life of me, stay without this. My glasses need constant cleaning because of my ‘raos’.
  • Tissue, wipes, and handkerchief – I don’t need to explain why I need these precious items.
  • Wallet – Mostly for my receipts and other people’s business cards, coz for some reason, I always seem to be broke.
  • Candy – Y’all know I am a terrible sweet tooth. I never lack any sort of candy in my bag. From Kitkats to Snickers to sweets, name it, I got it. (See what I did there, just putting it out there if you feel the need to get me something.)
  • Sanitizer and an extra mask – Due to Ms. Rona’s unending world tour, and coz I love myself dearly, I always have my sanitizer and an extra face mask just in case.
  • My notebook and pencil – You never know where inspiration strikes.
  • A book to read – I always have a book I am reading with me. I need to stay ‘fit’ with my inspiration and creative game. I am currently reading ‘Don’t Look Now’ by Richard Montanan.
  • My makeup bag – Last but definitely not least, my makeup bag. I do not carry most of my makeup with me except for the essentials i.e. powder, foundation, concealer, eye pencil, lipstick, and a brush or two. I also have a pad and tampon for those emergency moments, a nail cutter, hairpins and clip, thread and needle, a bobby pin, and rubber bands. I also carry super glue with me coz I was once embarrassed when the sole of my shoe decided they couldn’t do it anymore!

Sometimes you will find;

  • My Bible – Sometimes I carry it with me especially for strength and encouragement.
  • My camera and Osmo – This is especially when I am going to a place that needs memories. I am all about ‘the keeping’ memories life!
  • A water bottle or thermos – I am a poor ‘water taker’. But once in a blue moon, you will find me with a water bottle.
  • Single random items I have bought e.g milk from the supermarket.

Normally, the things on top of the list are must-haves while the rest depend on the day i.e. where I am going or who I am going with. But mostly, you will see me with a fair sized bag to carry my ‘junk’ in.

When going out, as in ‘dundain’ I carry a small sling bag or clutch with just makeup, my phone, and cash. Oooh, and its a whole other ball game when I’m taking the kids with me somewhere.. we are talking extra hankies, diapers, Calpol, etc…

Anyway, WHATS IN YOUR BAG! Share with me!

(Btw, I lost my ear phones, anyone willing to get me a new pair?)


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