Crazy delicious; Review

(Today we have a guest contributor, Elian Guddilah, to the blog. She is a foodie, great with words, super smart, and an awesome reviewer. Catch her review on the show Crazy delicious and show her some love!!)

The Culinary World is one of the greatest things that both intrigue and excite me in equal measure. The food preparation, cooking, and presentation will always tick my palate. I am a sucker for good food so anything revolving therein naturally sparks my interests.  Having said that; a few weeks ago I binged watched a cooking show on Netflix. It was one of a kind and of course with little ish-ish moments here and there.

Crazy Delicious is the show; one of the latest releases on Netflix. It is a British cooking competition television program – a co-production between Netflix and Channel 4. The whole show has six episodes. Three contestants compete over there rounds in each episode and the ultimate prize is simply the ‘Golden Apple’.

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The three rounds entail:

  • The Magic Ingredient, here the contestants use one ingredient as the star of the dish. The winner in this round gets a 10-minute head start in the second round.
  • The Reinvention, this is the second round where the contestants are asked to re-imagine common dishes such as burgers and pizzas. One of the contestants gets eliminated in this stage.  
  • The Final Feast, the two remaining chefs are asked to cook food which fits in a broad category such as barbecue or brunch. The winner of this stage gets the Golden Apple.

The contestants in Crazy Delicious are foodies who have been picked up from all walks of life. They are home cook chefs who are truly talented and fun to watch. They have also established a huge following on the online culinary community. In each episode, they scatter to gather ingredients from the enchanting edible garden.  

The three judges Carla Hall – an American chef, television personality, and former model,  Hestol Blumethal – a British celebrity Chef famously known for The Fat Duck Restaurant and Niklas Ekstedt – a Swedish chef and restaurant manager are referred as the ‘Food gods’. Their signature look is all white and they dwell on a treetop. All through the show, they sit around a table above the magical garden. They occasionally descend a staircase to give verdicts and visit the contestants throughout the show. Their dramatic entrance is ever accompanied with ominous background music.

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The host of the show Jayde Adams – a British comedian, actress, writer, and singer from Bristol is a force to reckon with. She is full of life and puns. In the show, she issues time calls as the contestant’s cook-off and mingles with them for a chat.

What caught my eye is the setting of the show which consists of an edible garden that serves as a pantry. The host Jayde Adams did a great job in showcasing the garden as most of her hosting was done in the garden. The garden houses a prosecco fountain and chocolate soil. It is full of fresh produce. It is not a secret that however set it up had one hell of a genius idea and did a brilliant job in executing it.

Overall, Crazy Delicious is an exciting show to watch alone, with family or even friends. It is perfectly delightful. The magical garden is a show stopper and keeps one glued on the screen. This is a show that I will definitely recommend to someone and will be glad to know their thoughts.


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