(Haven't read parts 1 and 2? Catch them here! SINFUL LOVE- PART 1 and SINFUL LOVE- PART2) Richie was a manager at Jikuze Brokerage Firm, a big financial institution that mainly dealt with stock trading. He had climbed up the ranks quickly due to his sharp mind and skillful methods. He started as a salesperson … Continue reading SINFUL LOVE- PART 3

My first time!

They say there’s always a first time for everything! Well, do you remember your ‘firsts’? While answering these questions, I realized that I have had a pretty normal, boring life. No pizzazz or drama. So I asked the same questions to bossman, my SO, and his answers were funny, over-the-top, and definitely more interesting. (Catch … Continue reading My first time!